Thursday Night

Sunday, May 5th, 2002 | Art, Friends

Thursday night was Dean Smith (intooutof, 2001, pictured below) and Barry McGee’s opening at Paule Anglim. Their art created a fascinating dialogue–Dean’s hand almost invisible and so controlled, and Barry’s just as precise but gestural and expressive. One is drawn closer and closer into and beyond the surfaces of Dean’s universe, and Barry’s world seems to leap out and surround you. All of the people who make me incredibly uncomfortable were at the artist dinner afterwards–Renny Pritikin from Yerba Buena CFA, who visited my studio last week, the collector Robert Shimshack, and former Examiner/Chronicle art critic David Bonetti (who actually walked right up to me–I was in his way–after averting his eyes from mine all evening at the opening, and said “Oh HI, I’m SO sorry we weren’t able to talk at the opening–it was SO crowded!”). But Barry was there, and he is just an angel–someone who’s always present for you, even though he’d rather be tagging the building outside. And the lamb shanks were awesome.

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