Carmina Burana, Hakuna Matata

Sunday, May 12th, 2002 | Family, Friends

Last night Reese sang with the SF Boys Chorus and the Berkeley Community Orchestra at St. Joseph the Worker (it was in Berkeley) Church in a production of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. What a completely hysterical but thrilling piece of music. I was able to read the libretto during the performance and really enjoyed it. Orff set the music to medieval poems about love, fate, drinking, and gambling, and the poems are quite bawdy and sensuous at times, even racy, but really, the music is just too much, although the solo parts were completely gorgeous. After the piece, I dropped Bob and Reese off at home and headed up the hill to BC’s and then back down to the Lone Star to see Randy and Matthew one more time before Randy heads back to the midwest. Randy and Matthew came over earlier in the afternoon for a drink in the garden and one of the last whiffs of my rhododendron “Mi Amor.” They’re both very sweet real people. What is it with you bear guys? It would be SO great if you were all artists instead of computer geeks. I’m hoping that Randy will write and stage something for our bear show in February, assuming I secure a space, artists, funding, etc, etc, blah blah blah. Maybe we could just have the show in a barn somewhere? And I could make the curtains? Reese’s moms are coming over this morning for a Mother’s Day breakfast with me and Bob, and then I’m off to BC’s for the afternoon and Sunday night on HBO.

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