Thursday, June 6th, 2002 | Work

Another hectic day at work. Boss just dashed out of the office to meet a client down south. I’m still here, going into overtime, taking my boss’s advice to get as much as possible of my own stuff done (I’m using the Australian verb here) on company time. He forgot about the quarterly taxes due next week and was not happy when I told him that he had to deposit, rather than cash, his consultation checks this month.

Well, that’s it for work this week–I’ll round up the last 10 minutes. Really, any prospective employers, don’t ever hire me. I’ll arrive 15 minutes late, leave 10 minutes early, goof off on the internet, and eat everything in the refrigerator–all on your time.

I want to be in that big warm bathtub of a Gulf again, floating around on my inner tube, roasting away…

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