Third Thundercrack! and Studio Visit

Thursday, August 1st, 2002 | Art, Film

So my meeting with the museum curator went great. She was very encouraging and amazingly honest. At one point she asked if she was being too rough, and when I responded that since most of my friends tend to be too nice to say “Chris, this isn’t working for me,” I encouraged her to be honest since I respect her opinion and that I could take it, well then she really let me have it, but it was all really accurate and smart and she even confirmed some of my own misgivings about several pieces. She said the work was very strong, and when looking at Scylla and Charybdis, she actually gasped and said, “I’ve never seen anything like this before…” and added that it showed a real deep engagement with my subject matter and with looking.

So anyway, this morning I went to see a film at the Jewish Film Festival that a friend of mine from New York, Lily made. It was a little gem about Lily’s relationship with her father, more specifically about her coming to terms with the complexity of her father, who cheated on his wife but then later took exquisite care of her in her dying days. Lily asks her bedridden dad, his legs amputated, why none of his children can communicate with him, and he just blows off her question–she’s left to deal with the subject on her own–and she does just that. Afterward we had lunch at Luna Piena, which I guess is now just Luna, with her west coast friends and family, and drank wine that David made. Which is probably why I have a headache at the moment.

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