My Little Brother’s Big Wedding

Tuesday, September 24th, 2002 | Family

My little brother Markie and his girlfriend, Keith, finally tied the knot yesterday. I was a groomsman. Warren was there, my old buddy from high school–well actually Mark’s old buddy and one of my greatest high school crushes. When I was applying for art schools I made up a story that I needed some nudes for my portfolio and convinced him to pose for me. I’ve since made a career of this ploy… So, my first close ups. God I wish I still had them–one of his testicles is now gone. Forever. I’ll tell you about Warren later… The wedding took place in a small garden in the Valley of the Moon in Sonoma County. The service was lovely, with a heavy emphasis on community. My family was all blubbery. The dinner was yummy and the wine not bad for 2.99 a bottle. We threw rosemary and lavender at the couple. The wedding party smelled of potpourri all evening. Keith’s mother, Jo (“Jo Momma”), had a little party in her suite at the Flamingo Hotel later. We drank, ate cake, and popped in and out of the hottub and pool ’til the wee hours. Mark and Keith have a nice gaggle of gay friends, including Frida B, a seven foot tall gender illusionist, and the ever-bouncy Andrew, one of Keith’s more full-figured bridesmaids and my vote for Miss Congeniality.

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