Calling All Bears

Sunday, October 6th, 2002 | Art

Okay, so the BEAR BODY show is going to happen. (We definitely need a catchier title–but no slashes, dis’s, con’s, or ism’s–any ideas?) 20055, February, at the LAB, San Francisco. Here’s the list so far:

Su-Chen Hung
Chris Komater
Dean Smith
Chris Vandemore

Conspicuously missing from this list are visual artists (real ones, BC) of a more hefty furry nature, making visual art about their own bodies. We need about 4 more artists. I have a short list of artists who interest me, but since we envision this show as representing a balance between lesser-known and seasoned artistic sensibilities, please pass on any names of artists you know who might be appropriate. We’re not looking for the soft-core bear porn schtick, but work that addresses the eroticization and aestheticization of body hair and weight subtly, even abstractly. Okay, we’d show the bear porn stuff, but it’s got to be really good.

The LAB is a cavernous space, with 20 foot high walls, and I’m thinking of making something really big. Big and hairy. Or something really really small, since smallness will be amplified by the space and the subject matter and given a certain grandeur by juxtaposition.

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