Saturday, January 4th, 2003 | Film

Well, Stalker was a bit of a disappointment. Not because it was an uninteresting film, I fell asleep about five minutes into it–that kind of sleep where you think you’re awake but each blink lasts about three minutes, and then the movie’s over. I don’t think the film was as experimental and non-linear as I experienced it. What a drag. The last time it came to SF was in something like 1992. Note to self: Do not spend eight hours pruning and hauling before three-hour meditative Russian films.

I’m learning, the hard way, that framesets are not a good idea. Hmmm. Does anyone have suggestions for this budding webdesigner about what to do when single frames appear in search engines with no reference to the parent frameset? BC is working on something, but all of the literature I’ve come across advises the same thing. Don’t use framesets. Great. Okay, back to the drawing board.

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