Sunday, January 5th, 2003 | Gay

I’ve discovered iSpQ. Perhaps you all know about this already, and haven’t told me, but if you don’t, iSpQ is a program that allows one to communicate with others over the internet via quickmessaging conversations or live video. Most people are scantily clad, or will drop whatever items of clothing are visible with the slightest suggestion. The other night while chatting with a guy from Canada about the nature of public art and the challenge of engaging the public, I was flashed by a very talented furry Italian with abstract closeups of all of his special places, discussed my artwork with Mr. South Bay Bear 2002, received numerous QMs from guys that said simply “hey,” and was berated by a guy from Lodi about the cyan tint of my image, which contrasted with the beautifully lighted crisp images of seemingly everyone else. Yet another guy asked if I were the artist Chris Komater (my user name is “chriskomater” so it wasn’t that much of a stretch), and then tore his shirt off and asked to pose for me. He seemed shocked when I asked him to put his shirt back on. I do try to keep business separate. Really. Okay, I don’t, but I want to.

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