Big Chris Toasts

Monday, March 10th, 2003 | Marjorie Wood Gallery

Whew. Well, the Midge opening went very well, and everyone had fun. Too bad you missed it. I made a digital slide show of images from the website, that we projected onto Big Chris’ big screen, creating a visual cacophany well-suited to the eclectic mix of songs sung “blue.” I and my sisters played long past BC passed out in the Green Room. They even helped clean. Chris and I have decided to host events in conjunction with each exhibition, and to have artist talks, presentations, screenings, etc… at BC’s. My exhibition will be next, in the MAY-JUNE slot, and I’m thinking of screening the film that I’ve been working on, or having a bear fashion show (just fur, maybe shoes). Stay tuned.

Me and Emily Wilson and Dean Smith…

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