Caladisi Island

Wednesday, March 19th, 2003 | Family, Travel

A few pics of the sunset last night, obligatory, and from my trip today to Caladisi island. Caladisi is a small undeveloped island about 15 minutes by ferry from Dunedin. My sister Carol, her husband Bruce, their friends Howard and Nancy, very sweet people, and I hiked around the island, through mangroves, a pine hammock, beautiful groves of palm trees, which rustled musically in the breeze, and past many wild flowers and blooming cacti. I love the heat, and sweating, and not wearing a shirt, and all the new smells wafting up to my nose from below somewhere on my body. My skin is all moist and glowing. Everyone here is scantily clad and brown, with little beer bellies, pink faces, and happy dispositions. I haven’t seen a queen in days, or a real bear, only of the hairless variety. Sigh.

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