Mysterious Skin, Little Things

Friday, May 2nd, 2003 | Art, Food, Performance

Just got in from seeing a dramatic interpretation of Scott Heim’s novel, Mysterious Skin, at The New Conservatory Theater, with Bob and Kevin Killian. It was really good, with excellent acting and lots of gratuitous nudity. The story centers around a young man, Brian, puzzling out vague memories of being abducted by aliens–turns out that he mistook fisting the baseball coach for being probed by extraterrestrials. At one point in the play, Neil, his childhood friend and the one who releases Brian’s suppressed memories, is raped by a john (he’s a hustler), and everyone removes his clothes. The nudity does nothing to heighten the realism of the rape–all the pee-pees on display are Mister Softies–but lordy if the john didn’t have the cutest little button–furry chest and bald head, too!

Earlier I stopped in to see Barry McGee’s opening at the Luggage Store, and bumped into an old fellow LAB Board member, Jen Levy, who is opening a bakery in Berkeley with the former pastry chef from Hawthorn Lane. They’re specializing in savory Czech pastries, kalaches (spelling?). She says they’re the next bagels.

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