Back in the Studio

Monday, May 12th, 2003 | Art

Meanwhile, back in the studio… Today I processed the film of Tim and Mr. Dallas. I should be printing contact sheets later in the week, but can’t guess how long it’ll be before I have anything in progress to show. Tim has a magnificent swirl of hair in the center of the small of his back, and Dallas’ forearms are swathed in delicate hairy whisps. There’s so much possibility… After these two (or so) pieces, I may move away from the rigidity of the grid format that I’ve been working with, and introduce different-sized images, or even color, within each piece. I’ve been thinking a lot about the boundaries of identity, and specifically Leo Bersani’s “shattering of the self.” I’d like to explore a balance between the recognizable and the fantastic, or even the absence of the body.

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