Saturday Night’s the Night I Like

Monday, June 30th, 2003 | Gay

I forgot to mention Pink Saturday! You know that guy who always puts on the show above Walgreen’s? Well, this year he did not fail to delight and stimulate–simulating, quite convincingly, and even committing actual acts of sodomy (in the privacy of his home, of course, and to 500,000 guests), and with a WOMAN, which somehow seemed perfectly in keeping with the wild tenor of the evening. She even went down on him, while the crowd screamed in delight and horror. Across the street, on the balcony above the Bagel Brothers, a cute but not quite drunk enough little bear dude teased us all by rubbing his crotch aggressively, pulling his pants down a bit, and then casually turned back to his beer, frustratingly in and out of character. He did moon us at one point, but by then our attention was seized by the Walgreen’s guy, who had changed his thong and hopped into a pair of cowboy boots. Up the street, in front of the Castro Cheesery, a wannabe go-go boy put on a great performance, I was even turned on by his skinny little body jiggling his pants slowly down down down. His excitement at being watched grew visibly and sweetly as the audience encouraged him, and he shaked and waved his hard little pecker at the audience and at one point suddenly turned around and upended his ass to the crowd below for a rub and a poke. I love and encourage public sexual abandon. The 70’s are back, girlfriend.

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