Hot weekend and the next hot reality TV show

Friday, July 18th, 2003 | Art, Gay

It’s supposed to be really warm this weekend. I don’t know if I could get through the weekend without hopping up to Guerneville to help keep the boys cool at Lazy Bear. The thought of all that exposed fur, without ME there with my palm fronds, kind of, I don’t know… hurts. Incidentally, I’ve come up with a new reality TV show idea called Femme Eye for the Gay Bear, with me, of course, dispensing advice about collectible pottery, beard trimmers, pants, closet organizers and low calorie popsicles. I posted an ad on a few days ago, soliciting potential models. My username is NotABearBear, which most accurately describes my bearness. I’ve only heard from one guy, whose brother, incidentally, is the lover of the director of one of the most desirable galleries in town for an artist such as I (Lorelei Lee) to be in. Woo hoo!

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