Sunday, August 3rd, 2003 | Family, Food

So we celebrated Reese’s 10th birthday this weekend. I don’t want him to get older. I don’t want to get older. Double digits already, he’ll be wanting the car keys in no time. The party that we threw for him in Golden Gate Park could have been thrown by Dario Argento–yellowjackets stung all the screaming kids, a seagull tried to eat the cake, several bees became embedded in it, and Angie and Megan forgot the table. Reese came through with a surprise pop quiz which he passed out to everyone titled “How well do you know Reese?” He even designed his cake this year, which always takes several days for us to execute, based on his own “Uffy Club” comic strip, destined to be a classic, starring Fluffy and Ruffy (a cat and a dog), and Muffy BeautyButt (a poodle). Fluffy and Ruffy are holding hands on the top of the cake, their friendship a source of the fountain, which rains down on poor Muffy, holding the umbrella, and spills down the levels of the cake. Ever the sissy daddy, and an easy target, I quietly slipped out during the water balloon toss.

I sent a little note to Andrew Sullivan after his bear “outing” on Salon.com, inviting him to check out my studies of the bear body, and he wrote back! with a concise “how beautiful.” Wasn’t that sweet?

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