Kill Bill and North by Northwest

Friday, November 7th, 2003 | Art, Film

Kill Bill was terrific. And the soundtrack was fabulous. Tarantino is the perfect post-modern director, appropriating and translating material as diverse as sounds from Ultraman to the actual stars of Hong Kong action films. He reminds me of a geeky Martin Scorsese, although drawing from overlooked instead of acknowledged masters.

Speaking of drawing from the masters, I had a vision of my next film tonight. I’m going to remake the cropduster scene from North by Northwest, shot by shot, edited exactly the same way, but with completely different imagery–close ups of Dean’s fur. Of course. It makes sense, really, only I’m too exited to tell you why. I want to shoot it now. Dean and I are going to see Love, Actually tomorrow, so perhaps we can get started right away.

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