Tuesday, November 11th, 2003 | Art, Friends

I played bridge tonight with Big Chrissy, Sarah and Pam in Menlo Park. As usual, we drank far more than we played–plus profiteroles and chocolate. I made all my contracts, but screwed up big time following my bid of 1 measely no-trump, which seemed like a piece of cake, until Sarah shattered my plans for table domination.

Only five more days of my 37’s. And then two years until I’m 40. I’m so excited. I love 40 year olds. To paraphrase Neely O’Hara–I won’t need anybody.

I watched my film at Big Chris’ the other night and really liked it on the big screen! At one point we both saw Jesus in D’s chest hair and got a little spooked. D comes over tomorrow to hang out with me while I work out the shooting details for our next collaboration, (D) North by Northwest. I’d like to have 3 films completed by the end of the year.

Did I tell you about my horrible haircut? Well, I’m going to tell you again, because you should all suffer as I am. How could anyone with a license in beauty think anyone should look like this? I’m getting cruised by all these hot guys, though. Go figure. Buchenwald is in.

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