Thursday, November 27th, 2003 | Art, Family, Food, Performance

It looks like the holiday season has muscled into my birthday season again. I saw a brilliant production of Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk at the SF Opera last week, with a very humpy Sergei and a minimal constructivist set, striking social realist tableaux, and interesting music. Dean and Emily came over for the first birthday dinner, which Bob made, including his close interpretation of the tomato tarte tatin that we had in Paris this summer and a super rich cheesecake. Big Chrissy treated me to a nice dinner at Watercress, formerly Watergate, which has moved to the Gramercy Towers, where Le Bistrot used to be. Watercress is notable for the consistently mixed-race couples that mirror its East/West fusion cuisine. I had the family over a few days later when sister Sue arrived from Florida, making my Linguine Seafood Bolognese for them. We’re getting together later today at brother Mark’s for the big Thanksgiving dinner. I’m making brussels sprouts with chestnut–in perhaps a maple butter glaze. Not sure yet.

I have been working, on this new video, which I’ve re-edited several times already, but I think I’m on a good track. Still not sure of the sound, though. I’ve been experimenting with breathing sounds, lapping waves, purring, and the orchestrated beginnings of Dean Martin’s Italian Love Songs. Nothing is quite right, but I’ll figure it out. Suggestions welcomed. Remember the plan to borrow from the visual structure of the cropduster scene in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest? Well, things have evolved in a different direction, quite. Although I will come back to that idea for the next video. This time, the camera pans slowly across the surface of super furry D’s super furriness, up and down his neck and arms, the nine-second pans dissolving slowly into each other so that you get only one-second of clarity. I want to maintain a dreamy blurry intoxicating closeness, but frustrate the desire for consummation. I’d love to present this in Smell-O-Rama.

On this day of thanksgiving, I’m very grateful for all the backs out there that have escaped depilation. And dihydrotestosterone and male pattern baldness. Thank you also for Nicephore Niepce and silver bromide. And cheese.

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