Where Does the Time Go?

Friday, January 2nd, 2004 | Art, The Dating Game

Today Superhairymodel D came by and dropped his all-too restrictive drawers for a planned diptych, Twin Peaks, my first piece of the year. His fur-enshrouded misty mounds will make for a fine landscape on some I.T. Bear’s mantle. It wouldn’t seem likely that all this thinking I’ve been doing about these bodies is leading me towards landscape photography, now, would it?–well, maybe I should say “the terrain of the body.” His belly button wasn’t large enough, however, believe it or not, for a second piece, a planned lunar pastiche, but I think Ted’s belly should do nicely.

Ted, yes, let’s talk about Ted. I haven’t mentioned him since meeting him, have I? He’s like a mini-Mack, solidly built, with features that are simultaneously boyish and manly, with a wicked little giggle and a cute bubble butt. And freckles. He lives with a sweet German shepherd named Bruno, whose disposition is well-matched to Ted’s affectionate nature. He’s a good cook and seems like the kind of guy you’d like your daughter to marry. If she were into muscle queens. And he’s completing his course work and dissertation for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology. How much more handy (or… sexy?) could this guy be? “Quick, Ted, go over those rates of infection, again, like you did last night, oh yeaaaah!” The past few weeks have involved lots of dancing and general merrymaking, some new muscular contractions, and lots of sweet new friends.

Now I need to get to work. The muse has spread her furry butt in my face. “Coco, step into the light…”

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