Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Monday, March 1st, 2004 | Travel

I’m getting out of Dodge. Tomorrow I’m driving up to Monte Rio, holing up in Vacation Wonderland, for a few days of intense movie-watching, antiquing, and hopefully some creative isolation and musing under the rain-drenched redwoods. One of my favorite new mid-century antique stores in Petaluma is on my list of must-stops. Pierre, the proprietor, is this serious but friendly, smart and charming dealer who, while hovering over a Hans Wegner sewing cabinet, says things like “This piece TURNS ME ON…” in an un-French Governor Schwarzeneger-like accent. Holy Eameses, please smile down on your humble servant and put a moderately-priced but not too beat-up Wegner Papa Bear or Grasshopper Chair in my path tomorrow. In Wormley-for-Dunbar’s name I pray…

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