New Furniture, No More Grids

Friday, April 9th, 2004 | Art

So the divorce is going really well. Occasionally I drift off onto the shoulder, day-dreaming of the type of connectedness that Bob and I shared, but then I grab the wheel and steer this sucker back onto the road. I’ve been shopping. Mid-century furnishings have replaced furry forearms for the moment. Yesterday I bought an incredible orange-cushioned danish modern chair, with nice curved arms, and a fabulous blue ultra-suede lounge chair, with a single curved and buttoned cushion, that is the single-most comfortable object that my little Chrissy has ever rested itself on. I also bought dishes, produced by Stangl in the early 50’s, a delightful pattern of flowers against a dark green ground. My bachelor pad is going to swing, baby!

So I’m through with grids. To paraphrase Bing Crosby (and later Marilyn Monroe)…

Goodbye to spring and all it meant to me
It can never bring the thing that used to be.
For I must have you or no one
And so I’m through with grids.

For now, anyway.  I associate my grids with a yearning that led me out of my relationship with Bob. As long as I’m leaving everything in the dust, I may as well bury my aesthetic fantasies as well. Gee, what next? I’m not sure. I’ve been toying and experimenting with some new ideas, ideas that I haven’t shared with you yet.  Stay tuned!

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