Queer Photo Salon

Wednesday, April 14th, 2004 | Art

Come on down for another Great
A fabulous slide show of, by and for our community curated by Chloe Atkins

April 15th
6 – 8 PM

Absolutely FREE!
Hosted by the James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center at the San Francisco Main Library
Downstairs in the Latino Hispanic Community Meeting Room
100 Larkin Street (415) 557-4566

is very interested in the “bear” movement’s embrace of ideals of beauty that lie outside of the mainstream. He has been photographing the hairy male body close-up and abstract, and then reassembling the images into new forms. He invites the viewer to share his fascination and to subvert received ideas of beauty.   

didn’t study photography. She learned whatever she knows through drilling every photo geek she’s ever known. She has been published in the Bay Guardian and On Our Backs, and produced work for Glamour. She is the main photographer for San Francisco in Exile, a spoken word series at the Jon Sims Center whose goal is to create a web-based archive of Bay Area queer spoken word artists.

abandoned his Ph.D. dissertation on the Dada Poetry and Philosophy of Tristan Tzara along with an eight year old college teaching career, and moved to San Francisco from Ann Arbor, Michigan. From early experiments with  Xerox art in the mid 1960s, Biron participated in various  conceptual and mail art projects in the 1970s including a collaboration with Andy Warhol in 1975 (“Homage to R. Mutt “). His work appeared in various underground publications both in the US and in Europe. His slogan appeared in L.A.’s HIGH PERFORMANCE magazine (Spring 1980): “Art only exists beyond the confines of accepted behavior.”

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