Mr. Triathlete

Monday, May 3rd, 2004 | Art

Mr. San Francisco Triathlete was a total doll, and a real pleasure to photograph. He’s very skinny and muscly and clips his chest hair–hence a real challenge for me to photograph, but he had this very interesting head, balding and craggy, with very closely-cropped blonde hair, and a nice face with lots of character. I started by having him get into all these strange unfamiliar and completely artificial poses, in his little biking outfit, and then decided to photograph him in profile, channeling some obscure Flemish or Florentine master. I was using a film that was new to me, the first time actually that I’ve ever used anything but Fujichrome 64 Tungsten in the studio, so I’m a little nervous about my metering. Look for the image in the July issue of OUT Magazine!

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