Three’s Company, Too

Sunday, August 1st, 2004 | Uncategorized

Big Chris is all sprawled out in the next room, beckoning, like Mrs. Roper. His availability is alarming sometimes–as well as my readiness. We just fold into each other so easily. But first we play this little game. “Chri-is, what are you doing?” “Chri-is, I want to show you something.” “Chri-is, can you help me with this?” He’s so cute. He even has names for all of our “huggely” positions (developed with Little Dave, I believe)–full frontal, full backal, caliper, half-caliper, helpless-victim-child, special huggely, etc… Sometimes we have so much fun I just start laughing, giddy from the pleasure that we create, two squeaky toys squeezing and being squeezed. Okay, there he goes again–I’d better finish my laundry before Mrs. Roper falls asleep…

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