Pool Party

Sunday, September 5th, 2004 | Friends, Gay

My apologies to everyone who thought they were going to a pool party/orgy at Mack’s boyfriend’s house yesterday. And I’m glad that you didn’t bring fish, as I misunderstood that, too.

So yesterday was one of the three days in the year when one could actually go swimming in the bay area, and that’s what we did. Chrissy, Victor, Davide and I piled into the car and made our way north to a pool party in Sausalito, thrown not by Mack, nor his boyfriend, neither of whom was there, but by Bob Major, evidently inviting the Potluck mailing list. Even though Mack didn’t show up, there was plenty of hairy flesh floating in the pool, and many activities worthy of a nice porn compilation called “Saucy-lito” or something…

Let’s take a closer look at all that this young fellow surveys…

That’s Joe, or Justin, I always get them confused, having the tête à tête with Erik. I’ve only seen Justin and Joe naked, having met them at Kabuki Hot Springs a few times, and their bodies are practically identical. They move through space together like synchronized swimmers. On the right is a pair of guys who never stopped kissing, so I didn’t get to meet them, but they made nice pool toys, bobbing up and down so passionately.

Many LiveJournalers were in attendance, including bigreddee, pyrogeoff, and.. well, actually, just us. But we rocked the party! Victor’s sense of humor is so sharp and quick, a nice balance to Davide’s old-man affect. Davide’s what–19? And please, if you’re going to invite Davide to a party, make sure to put slip covers on the furniture. As soon as that Italian accent slips out, the bears are on him like bees to honey.

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