Super Bear Powers, Activate

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004 | Friends

So who are these people who voted for Bush? I heard something on NPR the other day about half-full and half-empty glass attitudes, with Bush rejecting either notion in favor of declaring that the glass was all his. Is that what it’s about? Maintaining our dominance? Have these people traveled or read a newspaper in the past four years? I yearn for educated masses and compassionate socialism. Why should we have to pay for health care anyway? Back to the personal as political for me.

And speaking of superpowers, this weekend was filled with lots of them. Saturday night, Alex and I made our way across the bay to see Mark Morris, who wowed us with his super choreography. The music was mostly baroque, and the dances went beyond illustrating the thrilling and delightful highly ornamented music and song by drawing from the sensibilities of the time and and the music while seeming very contemporary. I was so happy at one point that I just started crying. I really am hysterical, n’est ce pas?

Anyway, Sunday found Dean, Chris and me sitting around stately Coco Manor, reading back issues of ArtForum…

when suddenly the Bear phone rang…

and away we bounced… (cue Super Bear Action theme)

only to spring from the refrigerator a few moments later, Under Bear Chrissy the first to the Barry McGee action phone…


Sorry that we didn’t see you out and about Sunday night, Citizens, but our duty was elsewhere. Remember, eat between meals, and never, ever clip below the neckline.

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