Nervous and Giggling

Friday, January 28th, 2005 | Art

Hairy Bodies report: So Nick still hasn’t installed his work. The tension is driving me nuts–will the show be installed by opening time tonight? Will any of you show up? Is someone going to walk on Su-Chen’s piece? Did I install Nayland’s piece properly? Is Dean going to flip when he sees that I moved his sculptures? Will the Iraq elections steal the spotlight? I tend to be a very nervous person. I’ll be in New York on the 19th, and I’ve already bought my ticket for MoMA. I’m going to Italy in November, and I’m taking an Italian class with BC. I like to be prepared–although I’ll change my mind at the last minute. It drives my companions crazy, but I try to maintain a balance of structure and spontaneity. I can’t handle it in other people, though, and actually lashed out at one of the artists last night with “We’ve been here all week waiting for you and this is where you asked to hang your work but if you want me to rearrange the whole show to accommodate you I will…” Speaking of hairy bodies and Italian, there’s this guy in our Italian class, Eric, who is just the cutest little dude imaginable. He mispronounces everything and just smiles, unlike me and BC, who turn beet red and mumble whenever we’re called on. So Eric has this habit of yawning in such a way that his shirt is lifted nearly up to his chest, arms wide over his head, his cute furry belly revealed several times a night. BC nudges me every time, and we divert our attention from il professore and collectively sigh at the sight of his lovely trail. BC, ever the stalker, even followed him to the rest room last week. He scrawled in my notebook, “C-U-T.” We are total school girls. Andiamo pazzo per Eric!
Come to the opening tonight!

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