Friday, April 29th, 2005 | Art, Marjorie Wood Gallery

I’m growing fond of Mr. Twentysomething Chelsea Dealer, and his fast New York pitch. It’s also encouraging to have someone so excited about what I’m doing. We’ve set a date for my New York show, March, 2006, and I’m going to show grids from the past few years, as well as some single image works and sound and video pieces that I’ve never exhibited before. The viewer is going to be showered gently in testosterone. The show is going to be called Spring.

Okay, time to put on my second hat, and invite you all to preview the next show at Marjorie Wood Gallery–a project by Nina Zurier, called Ham Balls. The essay about her piece isn’t ready yet, but here’s a little something in Nina’s words about her work:

When I take a photograph, I choose an object, usually for its color, point a digital camera at it, adjust the settings in a way that challenges the auto mode’s ability to take a “good” picture, and then click the shutter. I engage chance, to some extent, in the process; the purposeful part happens when I choose what to print.

By setting up a sort of mechanical system or routine, and taking advantage of the digital processors in the camera that have been programmed to adjust to a wide range of conditions in terms of light and focus, I’m experimenting with an old medium that has been given new technology. In choosing images I am considering the formal qualities of photography and abstraction, and in some instances I am also looking for social content. 

I do my own printing. I don’t really do much image manipulation in Photoshop, just to get the color to print to what I remember shooting. I might crop a little, but usually not even that. The way it gets a little darker in the corners of the image is important, because that is how you can tell that the image was made through a lens.


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