Happy Cows Come From California

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005 | Food, Friends, Travel

Dean and Doug treated me and Big Chrissy to a memorable Memorial Day weekend, beginning with a wonderful dinner Saturday night of local crab. Doug skillfully prepared the crabs, bringing them to the table cracked and cleaned, but carefully reassembled with the artistry of a taxidermist. Everyone had his own way of eating the critters: Dean pulled all of the meat from his crab and mounded it into a very neat pile before slathering it in cocktail sauce and eating it all at once. Doug took a similar approach, but cleaned and mounded half at a time. BC and I just tore into ours and made big messes. I drank too much and broke a glass while cleaning the dishes, even with Dean hovering overhead. I sent them a few replacements yesterday, fearful that my dear friends would be forced to drink wine from mugs due to my impaired dishwashing abilities. Early the next morning after Freedom Toast we went for a hike in Marin, past many happy cows and an abundance of wildflowers. Doug, the botanist, provided us with the genus and species of every living thing we passed or stepped on.

Upon our return to civilization, we took in the new Star Wars movie with D. Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars, duh duh duh duh. The effects were pretty spectacular, but really, the first one was enough. Excuse me, Episode 4. Anakin tells Padme that together they can rule the galaxy and she shakes her head and replies, “I just don’t know you anymore.”

And so the summer begins. This year is going by way too fast. Or as Yoda would say, “By way too fast is this year going.” Make it stop. Stop it make?

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