Midwest II: Party Food

Thursday, June 16th, 2005 | Food, Travel

So with our bellies and minds fortified for the trip, we made our way westward from Chicago to the Quad Cities, Land of BC’s people. As in Chicago, our trip was structured around food, specifically the food for Maggie’s graduation party–shopping, preparing, displaying and consuming. I was the official potato peeler, clocking in 15 pounds in 30 minutes, watermelon man, and sub-taster. Beth was the master organizer, calmly putting together her potato salad, ham and cheese sandwich materials, fruit salad, for 100 people, while hubbie Dan mowed their lawn and wacked the weeds of the entire block. Meanwhile, Momma baked the beans. The approach to foodmaking was the exact opposite of Alinea–that is, not messing with tradition. The potato salad had just mayonnaise and vinegar supporting and enhancing the delicate flavors of potato, celery and egg. The baked beans were just beans, brown sugar, and bacon. The ham sammies ham and cheese and mustard. And so on… A kind of unchanging and familiar yummy that warms the heart. I haven’t weighed myself yet, but I’m quite sure that there is much more of me than before the trip.

Stay tuned as Coco slims down…

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