Wednesday, July 20th, 2005 | Art, Friends

Alex and I went to see the Giants play and barely beat Atlanta last night. With Barry out for the season, their winning record has been slim, so it was nice to feel the elation in the crowd when they won. Every time someone hit a ball, the crowd would go wild, startling the seagulls and sending them up into the air in a sparkling flutter of white. There were fireworks after the game, shot into the low-hanging fog. They played Journey’s song about the lights going down in the city, and turned off the main spotlights just at that crucial point in the song before it gets all pumped up, and then the fireworks began. The fog would suddenly turn bright red and a few glittering streams would escape from the fog and into view below. We sat way up high, behind home plate in the nose-bleed section, to be closer to the fireworks. It was so cool. Seeing glittery colorful explosions in the sky is always breathtaking. I’m the one who goes “Ooooh,” and “Ahhhhh,” and “Ohhhhhh.”

Tomorrow I continue shooting my new piece… stay tuned for more details.

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