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Sunday, July 24th, 2005 | Art, Family, Food, Friends

So Reese attended a summer theater camp over the past few weeks, culminating in a performance Friday afternoon of various improv pieces, a few musical numbers, and “Kids’ News.” For Kids’ News, the kids wrote and delivered various snippets of news pertinent and appealing to the average 12 year old. The show began with Reese singing the theme song, which he, of course, wrote and composed. The little dude belted out his little ditty like it was a Broadway show tune, as if the news should always be preceded by a histrionic Sam Harris/Star Search jingle. For his bit of news, Reese played Karl Lagerfeld, announcing that Victoria (“call me Vicky”)’s Secret was out: bras lined with gummy bears. Reese clings gleefully and stubbornly to his pre-pubescence, but the developing Liza Minelli can not be suppressed.

This morning BC, Philip, Dean & Doug, and the charming new(to me)comer Davey stopped by for brunch in the garden. Happily, the heat of yesterday gave way to typical cooling San Francisco summer breezes, the fog caressing the slopes of Twin Peaks but never wandering over our part of the sky. Philip brought over some scones–ginger and almond–designed as vehicles for my 2005 Proprietor’s Reserve Italian Prune Plum Jam, but totally upstaging it with their light and buttery deliciousness. If only Philip belonged to me and not the rest of Culinaria… Anyway, I made a virtually fat-free fritatta to balance Philip’s butter-rich baked goods, and served some salad, bacon, and watermelon to round out our taste bud stimulation. I think I forgot the umami bud, but came close by oversalting the fritatta. I had such a swell time, and really enjoyed meeting our new friend.

The videotaping this week has gone really well. My project is veering into completely different terrain, different from what I had planned and expected, but I’m going with the flow, and feeling excited following the currents. I hope to wrap up shooting this week and get to editing next week, but who knows which way I’ll drift this week, so don’t count on seeing or hearing anything concrete just yet.

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