Not Much of an Angry Young Man

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005 | Film, Friends, Gay

Les treated me to a classic San Francisco Cordon Blue dinner and a preview of Secuestro Express at the Lumiere tonight. We were those people who bypassed the long line and got to sit smack dab in the middle of the theater in the seats marked “RESERVED FOR THE PRESS.” Les reviewed his press packet while I prepared to say things like “I’m with Mr. Wright,” in case I was asked for credentials. Anyway, the movie was interesting, very testosterone-driven, with heavy nods to Robert Rodrigues and Baz Luhrman’s William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet. Ultimately, though, it left me wanting to escape to the Female Planet and drink herb tea and bake pies. A few boyfriends ago, I went out with this guy who took testosterone injections. Conversely, he was the most Stepford-like of my paramours, with highly developed nesting and cooking skills, but he’d flip birds at helpless soccer moms in Tower Market who cut in line at the deli counter, or curse people who didn’t recycle. Aggressivity makes me nervous, although when vacationing, I love to travel with aggressive people. Last night E. came over to watch Room at the Top. She’s taking testosterone, too. We’re taking a trip together in a few months and I can’t wait to let her chase cabs and open doors for me. The film features a knockout and subtle performance by Simone Signoret, as an older (35!) year old woman who falls in love with a younger man intent on marrying the daughter of the richest woman in the village. It’s almost Shakespearean: his desire to marry into a higher class his tragic flaw. She contains her desire marvelously, behind a cool facade of experience. At work today, the Boss and I were talking about intimacy, and his feeling that there is no real intimacy in the gay community. I mean longer than an evening’s worth. I took an opposite, but really agreeable stance, that there is indeed intimacy, only twisted into perverse and highly organized new depths through the medium of the internet with either no physical contact at all, or maximum physical contact with the least bit of extraneous emotional exertion. I guess I need to start a book group, or get a dog.

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