Birthdays and Poodles

Friday, August 12th, 2005 | Family, Food

A big happy birthday to my big bunny warmer, Big Chrissy.  I’m making dinner for him and Reese, who turned 12 last week, but was out of town with his moms, so that we could celebrate their births and the combined inflexibility and roller coaster ride of the Scorpio/Leo/Leo mix together. BC and I are going to try to find something for Reese’s clubhouse today, which he’s constructing in his basement for his Lipstick Club. BC suggested a poster of the Man Ray lips in the sky. Reese has already confiscated my disco ball, and now wants my 3D poddle photo after seeing it in the living room of one of the suburban houses in Edward Scissorhands. I’m reluctant to part with my poodle, so I have to find something even grander on the kitsch scale.

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