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Friday, August 19th, 2005 | Film, Friends

I forgot to mention that during my lunch the other day with Arnie, who is hovering somewhere around 70, he mentioned that he is now the object of affection of a certain former Hollywood Golden Boy’s son, who is now in his late 50’s or so, and who was chasing after me when I was 28. I applauded the extreme diversity of attraction of Arnie’s suitor, and then shared my dating stories and how, at the time, I seemed to know more about his father than he. And then I turned green. I could have marrried into Hollywood royalty instead of literary Bohemia. PLUS this guy has the new printer that I’ve been looking at, and gave Arnie a glorious ink-jet print (I thought it was gelatin silver, even on close inspection) of the filmmaker son of a certain French impressionist who could have been sitting in my kichen! What was I thinking??????

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