When Coco-co-co Goes Bob-bob-bobbin’ Along…

Saturday, August 20th, 2005 | Family, Travel

Monday morning I’ll be flying to Tampa, to visit my sisters, as well as my other siblings and parental units who are flying in for our semi-annual Komater convergence. My sister in law, Keith, is bringing along her mom, Joe (Joe Momma), and various siblings from her branch of the family tree, so it promises to be a pretty rowdy fun-filled event. I’m going to try to leave my laptop at home, so that I won’t be diverted away from my intent to get some reading done. Expect a full report on my return. Until then, you San Franciscans in your summer coats, imagine bobbing with me among the jellyfish on my innertube in that big warm bathtub that is the Gulf…

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