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Saturday, November 5th, 2005 | Art

Okay, here’s a preview of one of the pieces that I’ll be showing next year. I’ve shown it a few times before, once in Boston, where it didn’t fit in the gallery and the top image had to be hung on the ceiling, like a climbing vine, which I thought was kind of cool after my initial mortification, and once in San Francisco at a show that no one saw, Knowing You, Knowing Me. It’s called Beanstalk, and it’s almost 14 feet tall. I had it re-printed last week so that it, hopefully, will just fit between the floor and ceiling of the gallery. I turned the giant into the beanstalk, the title placing an emphasis on the delicate beans sprouting out of this enormous twisting furry phallic object. It’s a monument, of sorts, to my obsession. I’m so excited about showing this piece where people may actually see it. If you know of anyone with a 14 foot ceiling, please send them to me.

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