Aural Hallucinations

Thursday, February 9th, 2006 | Art

I saw a sound performance tonight by Carl Stone at Meridian Gallery–the kind where the artist sits in front of a laptop and occasionally moves his head while we listen to 40 minutes of feedback. The piece that he performed was a nice mix of completely lush melodic passages and total abstract cyclical pulsing. After about 20 minutes of the pulsing electronica, I started to aurally hallucinate, thinking that I could clearly hear telephones ringing and mermaids singing. It was totally great. I went with Dean Smith, who will be showing there with me in June. He’s probably going to be showing his completely amazing thoughtform films, and I’m either going to make a very grand sound piece, or show some very furry photos and a small sound piece–not quite sure yet so stick around for further developments.

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