Milk Action

Monday, February 4th, 2008 | Film

Gus Van Sant is filming a new picture about Harvey Milk, down the street from my house, starring Sean Penn as Harvey. Tonight Dean and I emerged from the MUNI Metro and were thrust into a late-1970’s rally outside the Castro Street Station. The facades of several shops on Castro have been converted to look as they did during Harvery Milk’s time, The Poseidon Adventure was on the Castro marquis last week, Bette Davis tonight, and the street is lined with big gas-guzzling cars from the era. They also have the swankiest port-a-potties all over the ‘hood. Or maybe they’re little dressing rooms? The other day they shot a scene with Harvey yelling about legalizing pot (pictured below). I can’t imagine how dealing with all the local businesses and permits and port-a-potties is easier than shooting on a studio lot, but it’s thrilling that they’re here. Do they still have studio backlots, or are they all theme parks now? Anyway, it’s a blast watching the neighborhood age backwards.

They’re still filming the rally on Castro, as I type this. “Okay, here we go… and roll ’em!” The whole neighborhood is vibrating. “Good ! Good! Thank you… Cut!”

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