Curator visits, A Call From D

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002 | Art, Friends, Work

The chief photo curator at a local museum, is coming next Wednesday to see selections from my new Thundercrack! series. Maybe s/he’ll go for the Jack Radcliffe pics–wouldn’t it be great to see that shlong in a museum? I bought a Paul McCobb coffee table on eBay, that I really can’t afford right now. But it’s so beautiful. Boss at work got a botox treatment that eliminated all of the lines on his face. He looks 20 years younger. And like Frankenstein’s monster. A friend of his talked him into it. The friend also ordered some foreskin stretching device on the internet that bossman seemed very curious about. I was very quiet. Anyway, when are they going to create a drug that makes chest hair? I talked with D. tonight. Remember the guy who told me 6 months ago that he never wanted to hear from me again? Well, he’s baaaaaaaak. And only a month after the last phone call announcing that he never wanted to see me again. Well, this time he called to tell me that he’s discovered that he’s bipolar. Like, duh. I didn’t bother to remind him that he had already announced this to me 2 years ago, shortly after announcing that he had borderline personality disorder. Anyway, he’s on drugs now. Whether prescribed or self-medicated was a little unclear. I accepted his good will and wished him well. One less person to worry about spitting on me in the gutter.

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