Saturday, September 7th, 2002 | Family, Food, Friends

Mamooshka, what a grand feast Big Chrissy and I are preparing for you, our honored South Bay guest! …And in honor of your slightly closer proximity to our nearest southern neighbor, we are making a South-of-the-Border fiesta–special for you!

Although lard will not play as primary a role in our fiesta as it typically does—It’s bear vs. twink host here in San Francisco, so this will be more like a New World experience through the tastebuds of a Eurotrash supertaster.

So Reese enjoyed the full Rosh Hashana treatement tonight–lighting candles and the “mick-a-licka high mick-a hiney ho” prayer, chopped liver, chicken soup and kreplach (sp?), roast chicken, potato kugel, and creamed spinach. At one point, he asked me, “Coco, why are you celebrating this occasion with us and not Chris, since he’s not Jewish, like you?”

A lively discussion ensued.

He’s in the tub now, cleaning his Jewish foreskin, which, thanks partially to my input, he has.

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