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Saturday, January 18th, 2003 | Art, Food, Friends

The top keywords used this week in search engines to gain access to my website…

“butt of a famous male sculpture” (a?)
“photographs of female erogenous zones” (This person must have been very disappointed)
“hirsute female form” (is there a She-bear community?)
“photos of the human buttocks” (No sales, alas)
“symplegades” (! Yay! )
“furry male gallery bear” (my kind of dude!)

This week my site was visited by 12 surfers from the United Arab Emirates and 15 from Saudi Arabia, and 1 using the old Arpanet. An overwhelming majority of visitors enjoyed my website and art work for 0 to 10 seconds.

Other internet news…. I’ve completely, well, somewhat, updated the Marjorie Wood Gallery pages. I’ve discovered the animated gif, and am now freed from the constraints of static content!

The Daves of Sydney arrive in San Francisco this week. Big Chrissy and I are having the Chris Pratts up to celebrate the Daves’ temporary return to the fold, to grieve Chris and Dan’s impending departure to the Great Pacific Northwest, and to enjoy a dinner for 6 people and 3 names–Chris, Dan, and Dave. What to make! I’m thinking of braised duck legs with onions and cabbage, fennel and mushroom salad (with white truffles), and poached pears with burnt caramel and ice cream for dessert. Or hotodogs for Superbowl Sunday?

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