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Friday, May 23rd, 2003 | Film

I saw Cremaster 3 this afternoon, which I really liked, and Matthew Barney is just too cute, I never thought I would ever say either of those last 2 thoughts out loud, but he’s won me over. I put aside the hype, the most important artist of his generation bunk, and was just dazzled. There’s so much to think about, the images are so intriguing, and the narrative is so convoluted and imaginative. I find myself thinking about the artist’s relationship to his work and creativity, and why Richard Serra and the apprentice had to die, where gender fits into all this, why the testicle metaphor–conceptual problems, as well as the sheer spectacle of it all. I had invited Victor, my new superbear model, to see it with me tonight, and not hearing from him, decided to see an earlier show so that I could study French. Well, wouldn’t you know, I get home to 100 messages, one from him actually in the Castro Theater at the appointed time, vainly seeking his movie partner. Oopsie, so sorry, Victor.

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