Boring Fourth of July Weekend Update

Saturday, July 5th, 2003 | Film, Food, Travel

I went up to Guerneville for a few days earlier in the week, Monte Rio, actually, with Bob, but got back into town in time to see the fireworks with Big Chris from Twin Peaks last night. The Russian River’s gorgeous right now, with the fog just off the coast keeping things a little nippy. Some really good restaurants are popping up here and there. I finally got a good meal at the Village Inn, rack of lamb and crab cakes, and a spectacular river view. Next door, at the Highland Dell, a new Italian Restaurant has opened that’s supposed to be really good, and Graton, which has been nothing more than an intersection for years, has burst onto the scene with three new restaurants, one of which, the Willow Wood Market Cafe, we supped at with Stanley and thoroughly enjoyed. The humpy straight daddies outnumbered the gay ones this trip, with every other one acknowledging my visual undressing with an affectionate nod my way. Coming up through Marshall, after barbequed oysters in Tomales, over the pristine Marshall-Petaluma Road, the scent of fennel and dried grass in the hot air, I passed through Petaluma and picked up a great new shelving unit, unmarked, but very much in the style of Gilbert Rohde, probably 30’s or 40’s, with an unusual inwardly canted door in the center. I scoured the Gravenstein Highway for Jalan, but came home empty handed.

Two Reeses over the past few days; stepson Reese’s concert at the Boys’ Chorus camp in Healdsburg, and then tonight Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde 2 at the Metreon Center, which was fun. The franchise will surely have her in the White House by Legally Blonde 6, if not sooner. Reese Witherspoon has steamrolled down a career path that has produced progressively less interesting and challenging roles for her, following her brilliant performances in Freeway andElection, although I’m looking forward to her Becky Sharpe in Vanity Fair. I haven’t been a-movie-ing much lately. I did see The Right Stuff with BC last night, and thought the editing was fantastic, and loved all the bureaucratic humor.
This is really a boring post, isn’t it? Fact is, I’m just bored. And I hate my new haircut.

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