Neo-Benshi Tonight Only!

Saturday, November 29th, 2003 | Art, Film

Tonight Bob and Jocelyn will provide narration (see below) to a silent porn film from the 30’s, with a sound piece that I designed to accompany their narration. Hope you can come! Here’s an exerpt from the press release…

Neo-Benshi, or, Voice over Video
Saturday November 29th, 8:30PM
at Craig Baldwin’s Other Cinema, 992 Valencia, San Francisco

Though at one time thriving in Japan and Korea in the era of silent films, the art of the Benshi, or film narrator, has been all but lost. Under the inspiration of Japan’s Midori Sawato, whom we have seen perform in Berkeley, California, and who has maintained the tradition almost single handedly, we would like to revive this art, with a twist, of course, because we are twisted after all.

To this end assembled:

Brent Cunningham
Roxanne Hamilton
Jocelyn Saidenberg & Robert Glück
Scott Stark
Suzanne Stein + 2
Melinda Stone + Bucky!

who each have written a text to narrate, describe and/or accompany a scene of their own chosing. Genres will run the gamut from Cronenberg to home movies to documentary to 30s porn. Almost everyone will be catered to in some degree.

We hope you will come out to Other Cinema during your Thanksgiving recess and allow us to decorate some time for you.

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