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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003 | Friends, The Dating Game

Things happen quickly here in the Land of the Chrissies. BC and I just spent a remarkable evening together recommitting ourselves to our friendship, planning a trip to visit his dad, Stephanie, and listening to Terry Gross’ interview with Tony Kushner. My best friend. Again. Yippee!

Thanks Big C for letting me out of the doghouse. Organizing a world without you didn’t seem possible, certainly not one as bright and dramatic.

So my 60-something Boss has undergone extensive plastic surgery. The botox injections, steroids, and facial peel gave way on Thursday last to a major restructuring of his face, turkey neck and eyebags hacked off and everything pulled up to his forehead. He looked like Frankenstein’s monster today, with thick shoelace-stitches up the sides of his face, and staples all up and down his temples, black circles under his eyes. I screamed when I saw him, the walking dead. A hot 25 year younger-looking corpse.

A blossom fell and very soon
I saw you kissing someone new beneath the moon
I thought you loved me, you said you loved me
We planned together to dream forever
The dream has ended, for true love died
The night a blossom fell and touched two lips that lied

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