Saturday, January 3rd, 2004 | The Dating Game

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BOB: my lover of 11 years. I broke up with him last month. And a few months before. And 3 years ago. We’re still living together in my house until he finishes his book tour and decides whether to live in the lower unit with our son, Reese, or move back into his home in Noe Valley.

CHRIS, “Big Chrissy:” I started dating Chris shortly after leaving Bob 3 years ago. I moved in rather quickly. I moved out 6 months later, but never really left, until last month, when I left them all.

DEAN (Superhairymodel D, or not Dean Smith): the first man I almost left Bob for before leaving Bob three years ago. My greatest inspiration, and the hairiest man alive. (The two go together.) He tried to kill himself last year several times, was locked in the SF psycho ward for seven months, where I finally found him, undergoing electro-convulsive (shock) therapy. I love him like a monkey loves bananas.

TED: my current squeeze. We started dating a few weeks ago, several days after my courageous announcement that I needed to be alone for a while.

COCO: That’s me, Little Bunny Coco.

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