Ophelia Mia

Saturday, January 31st, 2004 | Performance

Last night’s performance as Ophelia in Drew Cushing’s Hamlet Variations was a smashing success! The critics raved, “A bright new talent burned the stage of CCA as newcomer Chris Komater tossed aside convention and presented his daring Ophelia as a slightly ravaged black runway model to the stunned masses gathered for the third night of Small Press Traffic’s Poets Theater.” Actually, it’s a miracle that words came out of my mouth and it was all over in, like, a minute, with just enough time to change out of my dress and into my sheepskin to play Fortenbras. I nearly played Hamlet, too, as she didn’t show up until the play started. I was very nervous singing “Papa, can you fuck me” to the little girls in the front row, though. Who brings their kids to experimental theater? Geoffy, BC, Ted, and Brian were there to laugh when others weren’t quite sure what to do, and then we all ducked out after the two just god-awful self-indulgent repetitive ramblings to follow. Nominations for the Sarah Siddons Award are around the corner…

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