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Saturday, March 27th, 2004 | Uncategorized

Last night BC and I went to a cocktail party at John’s mansion on Gough Street. John’s now the Honorary Consul to Estonia (in addtion to being my former mistress and brother to Catwoman Julie Newmar). The guests were an ecclectic mix of artists and filmmakers, and a few patrons–one lawyer dressed in black with a big nose and little feet, and another guy dressed in black with a big Gucci belt and a little companion in a Chanel suit and a little “CC” bag. Eigar and Ain showed exerpts from a film that they’re making, about an incident at the Berlin Wall in 1962. The sound design and framing were exceptional. One exerpt we got to see involved several young German conscripts with dropped drawers at their fitness evaluation. After a pan of their exposed-ness, the doctor says, “You’re all fit for duty.” BC and I agreed. Aigar told us that the scene was based on his own experience being evaluated for the Soviet Army. The entire group then collectively checked out his basket, heads darting from tv screen to crotch like heads at a tennis match. John ended the evening by enlisting my aid in a trash survey of the Castro. He issued me a picker-upper, and a chart to record the number of items I pick up in the ‘hood over the next 7 weeks. (This is what epidemiologists do in their spare time.)

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