Blue Skies

Wednesday, July 14th, 2004 | Art

I’m sitting out in the garden today. I was going to photograph D, but sent him home after lunch, and asked if we could photograph tomorrow, so that I could listen to the wind in the yews, the many birds that have come to nest nearby, and watch the fruit fall from my plum tree. I did a big garden cleanup earlier in the week, and love when the garden is all clipped and fluffed–like my boyfriends, although their clipping is restricted to the neck up, no restriction on fluffing. My dsl was supposed to be back today, its fluctuations wilder even than the recent palpitations of my heart, but alas, the unsteadiness continues, and thus I sit, far out of the range of a dialup connection, my dsl no closer, watching this lovely hummingbird twitter around the lavender. The sky is that tv bluescreen blue today. I plan to photograph D tomorrow against an equally saturated blue velvet backdrop, using the fuzzy outline of his body as a blurry horizon, there, out there, visible but out of reach. I’ve rejected my plan to focus on the complete body, not just because I wasn’t happy with the results, but because representation seems too restrictive. I’m thinking now that I’d like to push in exactly the opposite direction and explore a deeper level of abstraction. Much of contemporary abstraction seems to be rooted in a design sensibility, removed from any sort of action, or radical gesture, or even engagement with materials. Perhaps I can comment on these tendencies, and retain a connection to gesture and metaphor?

I don’t think I’ll be going to Lazy Bear, after all, folks. BC and I were going to go up on Friday night to spin to Martin’s spinning, and again on Sunday to stay the night, but watching the spiders eat the mosquitos, and the dragonflies mate seem more my pace right now. Oh, who knows, maybe I’ll see you guys this weekend.

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